• Question: Will people be able to live on the moon and if they can would they be able to live a normal life or would it be quite strange ?

    Asked by gracier9 to Steve, Shefali, Kevin, Katie, Floris, Delma on 14 Jan 2016. This question was also asked by chloeb.
    • Photo: Steve Price

      Steve Price answered on 14 Jan 2016:

      It depends what you mean by ‘normal life’.
      A colony could be established on the moon. Let’s say there are 5000 people there. They would need all the things we need to live. They would need doctors and nurses for any medical needs and, of course, a dentist for when their teeth need repairing. Someone will have to cook the food, whether that is in a canteen type arrangement or a restaurant type place. People would need someone to cut their hair, someone would need to repair things like your tv, or the lights in your apartment, or anything else people have to ‘live’ on the moon. People would choose to live together and children would be born. They would then need teachers to have an education: and people would die. So normal, yes!
      However, they would have to live a building that is filled with air. There is no naturally occurring air on the moon. The air would have to be continuously made and the waste air removed. There would be a lot of recycling going on. Temperature control would be needed in the building as the sun will make it very hot and it would be very cold in the night. (Here on Earth we have the atmosphere around us which evens out the sun. About a third of the sun reaches us on the ground. The rest is reflected away or absorbed and re-radiated back to space.) For a similar reason there would need to be a lot of radiation protection on the moon.
      As a society, people could live a normal life, but there would always need to be artificial protection to allow people to survive.