• Question: when does your job become dangerous

    Asked by jseton to Kevin, Katie, Jon, Floris, Delma, Adrian, Beth on 8 Jan 2016. This question was also asked by jxnnas, snowman5.
    • Photo: Katie Hassell

      Katie Hassell answered on 8 Jan 2016:

      In terms of how my job works, it’s pretty mundane, working on a computer, travelling to meetings, using the phone etc. So in that respect, it’s as dangerous as going on holiday, maybe even less so

    • Photo: Floris Van Den Berg

      Floris Van Den Berg answered on 9 Jan 2016:

      My job itself is not so dangerous, when I take blood samples or analyse them of course I have to be careful from a health risk point of view.

      For me it’s more the environment where I work in. Within a month the last plane (and so last option to leave Concordia Station) will leave and I’ll be ‘locked up’ here for 9 months. This means there is no fire brigade or rescue team that can pick us up in case of an emergency.

      Anything that goes wrong, we have to handle ourselves. In case of fire or a serious emergency this could be pretty dangerous.