• Question: What would be the most important GSCE to take if I were wanting to become either an astronaut or something similar?

    Asked by TR-8R to Rochelle, Michaela, Camilla, Beth, Adrian on 26 Jan 2016.
    • Photo: Adrianos Golemis

      Adrianos Golemis answered on 26 Jan 2016:

      I think it’s important to be good in science at school and you should afterwards pick among a specific list of professions to study. For example, physicists, doctors, engineers can be picked to become Astronauts, but psychologists or lawyer cannot. So, taking Physics, Math, Biology, etc. is a good choice.

      It is very demanding to become an astronaut and you have to keep in mind that being excellent in science is very important – but not enough on its own. One has also to be athletic and fit, learn how to fly amateur airplanes (later in life) and also be amiable and good in collaborating with other, to mention just a few things! Learning foreign languages such as Russian and Chinese can also matter a lot!