• Question: What sort of entertainment can you get in the ISS? Film? TV? Computers? Radio? Also, can you go on the internet in space? If you can, how does that work?

    Asked by Penguin Asteroid to Rochelle, Julia, Jon F, Beth, Adrian on 18 Jan 2016.
    • Photo: Jon Farrow

      Jon Farrow answered on 18 Jan 2016:

      The astronauts on the ISS each have a laptop that has access to the internet, but I think it’s pretty slow and doesn’t work all the time. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I think they connect to either Houston or Moscow. I know Tim Peake has asked for us to send him the Christmas Lectures to watch. They can also pick up the phone and call pretty much any regular landline, so they can talk to their friends and family.

      A few astronauts have told me the biggest source of entertainment for them is looking out the window. The ISS zips around the Earth every 90 minutes and the Earth turns below, so it’s a constantly-changing, dynamic pictureshow.