• Question: what should you do if there is a alien invasion

    Asked by ellisx1511 to Kevin, Katie, Jon, Floris, Delma, Adrian on 9 Jan 2016.
    • Photo: Floris Van Den Berg

      Floris Van Den Berg answered on 9 Jan 2016:

      Hi Ellis,

      an alien invasion is a complex situation, and because most of my experience with alien invasions is based on watching the movie Mars Attacks a few times, I find it hard to give a definite answer to your question.

      My recommendations:

      1. Watch Mars Attacks (& Men in Black is a good one for more info on different species of aliens)
      2. Determine what the intentions of the aliens are (just up for a coffee or trying to take over and eliminate all existing life on Earth?)
      3. Try to determine their level of development (the fact that they’re abled to invade earth, is a good indicator that they’re probably a few years ahead of us)
      4. Think of your strategy (and have a backup plan)
      5. Hopefully a species so developed that they can reach us, is also so ethically developed that they will just want to have a coffee and teach us some cool stuff!!

      Good luck!