• Question: We are in the computer age. You could have used robots, androids etc. So why does a human like Tim Peack still have to go to space?

    Asked by melanien9 to Steve, Shefali, Kevin, Katie, Floris, Delma on 11 Jan 2016.
    • Photo: Steve Price

      Steve Price answered on 11 Jan 2016:

      Robots can do many things and are very useful for initial exploring. As we want to move out into space we need to gather information on the effects of being in space on humans. We want to set up a base on the Moon and Mars and beyond. It is what we as humans have always done.

    • Photo: Katie Hassell

      Katie Hassell answered on 12 Jan 2016:

      I like Steve’s answer, just to clarify: we do use non-human exploration technology too, e.g. The Mars Rovers. Human spaceflight tells us other stuff and also helps advance medicine on Earth.