• Question: Is it legal for someone to make a homemade rocket and send it into orbit with passengers or is there a legal requirement in the building of the space craft meaning only certified companies can launch rockets into space? thank you for reading- TR-8R.

    Asked by TR-8R to Rochelle, Michaela, Camilla, Beth, Adrian on 26 Jan 2016.
    • Photo: Adrianos Golemis

      Adrianos Golemis answered on 26 Jan 2016:

      Hey, TR-8R, i think you do need to get permission from your national authorities in order to launch (with passengers or without). The reason for this is that you need to fulfill some standards and thus assure everyone that no great accident will occur out of your company’s efforts. Your parent country is responsible for all such implications should an accident occur. What is more, i believe that you do need to notify your neighbouring countries and the international community when you launch (not sure, though).