• Question: How well did you do in school to get this job?

    Asked by Anon to Rochelle, Michaela, Jean-François, Claudie, Camilla, Beth, Adrian on 7 Feb 2016.
    • Photo: Michaela Musilova

      Michaela Musilova answered on 7 Feb 2016:

      I admit that I didn’t always enjoying studying and doing homework at school 😉 I didn’t fail any classes and I did my best to get very good grades overall, but I didn’t always get As in class and had to work harder at times to make up for certain grades on exams. Also, I went to a French lycee/high school, so the system is a bit different there. In the end, I got the equivalent of straight As for my baccalaureate (equivalent to A levels), which is what allowed me to get admitted at University College London on a scholarship.