• Question: how many people would die in space

    Asked by metacloud to Steve, Shefali, Kevin, Katie, Floris, Delma on 12 Jan 2016. This question was also asked by eleanor1234.
    • Photo: Steve Price

      Steve Price answered on 12 Jan 2016:

      I don’t quite understand the question.
      To date no one has died in space. People have died on the ground and during the launch and return to Earth.
      The astronauts are very fit and undergo extensive medical checks before flying in space.
      It is possible that an astronaut could have an unexpected illness or suffer an accident that results in their death. Just like that which happens on Earth.

    • Photo: Delma Childers

      Delma Childers answered on 13 Jan 2016:

      As far as I know, only three people have died in space. Three cosmonauts on board Soyuz 11 died after their ship depressurized very early into re-entry. Other astronauts and cosmonauts have been lost late in re-entry or during launch (such as the Columbia and Challenger shuttle disasters).