• Question: are space suits comfortable?

    Asked by amber27 to Steve, Shefali, Rochelle, Michaela, Kevin, Katie, Julia, Jean-François, Floris, Delma, Claudie, Camilla, Beth, Adrian on 1 Feb 2016. This question was also asked by jemma1802.
    • Photo: Claudie Haignere

      Claudie Haignere answered on 1 Feb 2016:

      No. They are adapted to your morphology for the intra vehicular scaphanders, that means wearable but not comfortable. But the space suits are designed to assure safety (depressurisation). You wear it for a few hours during dynamic phases of the flight (launch, docking and return), at that very moment, the important is to be able to perform all actions required by the situation eventually under pressurisation.