Question: what food do you eat in space.


  1. Spacefood 😉

    Almost all food is dehydrated, so you only need to add (hot) water to prepare. There is a wide selection of options and all astronauts have tasting sessions before the fly to see what food they like best.


  2. Eating in space has improved a lot since the days of cold paste in tubes and cube-shaped bites. Today, space foods are similar to those we eat on Earth.

    The menu on the Space Station includes more than 100 items including desserts, refrigerated food, fruit and dairy products. Space food may be canned or wrapped in aluminium foil. It may be freeze-dried, low moisture, pre-cooked or dehydrated (with its water removed). If food is dehydrated, it cannot be eaten until the astronauts add hot water to it. Ovens are provided to heat foods. Many drinks are also in a dehydrated form. Drinks range from coffee, tea and orange juice to fruit punches and lemonade.



  1. And here is Tim Peake answering your question!

    Credit to ESA for the video